President of Sri Lanka-China Friendship Association (SLCFA) Mr. Ananda Goonatilleke, Attorney-at-Law and other office bearers of SLCFA visited Dutugemunu Central College at Buttala in the Moneragala District last week and donated a sound set-up.

Principal of the school Mr. R.M. Senevirathne, who addressed the open-air assembly along with Mr. Ananda Goonatilleke said that it was the largest and most needed donation received not only by his school but the entire destitute Monaragala District from an organization devoted to People to People friendship.

As the school had no proper auditorium, a novel, complete and high-tech sound set-up of that magnitude was so precious to the present student generation of more than 2,500, but also for future students of the school, he said.

President of SLCFA Mr. Ananda Goonatilleke first thanked the Chinese Ambassador His Excellency Cheng Xueyuan and Cultural Attache Mr. Liu Dong for paving way for the development projects the SLCFA had scheduled for the region of ancient Wellassa.

Here at Moneragala, descendants of the Great Rebellion of 1818 were still undergoing many hardships caused by the acts of vendetta of the British colonialists, who killed all males above the age of 12, destroyed irrigation systems, burned villages and virtually annihilated the human settlements of the entire area, Mr. Goonatilleke said.

Mr. Gamini Bandara Rajanayake -Treasurer, Mrs. Chinta Goonatilleke – Assistant Treasurer, Ex-Co Members – Mr. Thilak Botheju & Mr. Sisira Yapa , Life Member SLCFA Mrs. Priyanthi Rajanayake, Mr. Ruwan Wijeweera – Secretary of Monaragala Branch of SLCFA, Students of all grades, staff, parents, members of the Past Pupils’ Association too were present.