President’s Message

Message of the President of the Sri Lanka – China Friendship Association

Launching the Web Site of the Sri Lanka – China Friendship Association (SLCFA) is an important juncture of the People to People diplomacy between Sri Lanka and China.

This Web Site would pave way to understand and appreciate the principles, activities and the history of the People to People friendship with Sri Lankan characteristics, not only for peoples of Sri Lanka and China, but to the people of the whole world. As the President of the Sri Lanka – China Friendship Association it definitely is my honour and privilege to submit this message of greetings for the auspicious occasion of the SLCFA Web Site.

The SLCFA is the pioneer organization dedicated to promote friendship between Sri Lanka and China, inaugurated in 1950, just a few month after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing, and also prior to the very first bilateral Trade Pact in 1952 and diplomatic relations in 1957 between our two countries.

I am proud to recall that the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka has correctly upheld the top most position of the SLCFA in the field of People to People friendship in this country by honouring our Association as a ” Top 10 Partner of China “on January 17th, 2014 by awarding the Sri Lanka-China Friendship Association as No.2 of the 10 celebrities.

I salute all leaders, office bearers, activist, members and friends of the SLCFA for their dedicated efforts contributed during past six decades and more.

It also is my duty to honour the respectful memory of seven leaders of the SLCFA who had led our Association since 1950. The Founder Leader and the Second President of the SLCFA, Madam Theja Gunawardena, prominent writer, scholar and later High Commissioner to Pakistan, the First President Madam Kusuma Gunawardena, a leader of the leftist political movement and a Member of Parliament, the Third President Mr. Wilmot A. Perera, former Member of Parliament and the first Sri Lankan Ambassador to China, the Fourth President Mr. A.B.Perera, Bar-at-Law, former Principal of Ananda College,the third Sri Lankan Ambassador to China, U.N. representative of Ceylon, the Chairman of the Law of the Sea Committee of the UNO, Senator and Minister of Justice,the Fifth President Dr. K.L.V.Alagiyawanna, Attorney-at-Law and later High Commissioner to Malaysia,the Sixth President Mr. S.W.Walpita, Attorney-at-Law and later a Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and the Seventh President Mr. Ratne Deshapriya Senanayake, Attorney-at-Law, Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister and later Ambassador to Indonesia As the President of the SLCFA, I am grateful to all office bearers, activists, members and friends who helped us in various capacities to make this Web Site Project a success.

I am confident that the newly launched SLCFA Web Site would be a tremendous booster to the People to People diplomacy between Sri Lanka and China.

Ananda Goonatilleke

Sri Lanka-China Friendship Association (SLCFA)

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