Past Presidents

1. Madam Kusuma Gunawardena (1950) a leader of the leftist political movement and  Member of Parliament.
2. Madam Theja Gunawardena ( 22.09.1952 to 30.11.1958 ) prominent writer, scholar and later High Commissioner to Pakistan.
3. Mr. Wilmot A. Perera ( 30.11.1958 to 27.07. 1963 ) Former Member of Parliament and the first Sri Lankan Ambassador to China.

4. Mr. A.B.Perera ( 27.07. 1963 to 07.10.1963 ) Bar-at-Law Former Principal of Ananda College,the third Sri Lankan Ambassador to China, U.N. representative of Ceylon, the Chairman of the Law of the Sea Committee of the UNO

5. Dr. K.L.V.Alagiyawanna ( 30.04.1964 to 26.08.1967 ) Attorney-at-Law Later High Commissioner to Malaysia. 
6. Mr. S.W.Walpita ( 26.08.1967 to 06.09.1974) Attorney-at-Law Later a Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. 
7. Mr. Ratne Deshapriya Senanayake ( 09.02.1975 to 19.05.1995 ) Attorney-at-Law  Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister and later Ambassador to Indonesia.

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