President of the Sri Lanka-China Friendship Association (SLCFA) Ananda Goonatilleke, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cheng Yunchuan, Executive Vice President of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Association (YPAFFC) on the 17th April 2016 at Kunming, the Provincial Capital of Yunnan at a special reception held to mark the occasion. Other members of the SLCFA delegation also attended the ceremony and all other events arranged by the YPPAFFC. Secretary General Yang Shaocheng, Deputy Secretary General Peng Shaoyun, Deputy Director Wang Yanyong, and Liaison Officer of Foreign Affairs Liu Zehui also represented the YPPAFFC.

Secretary of the Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chen Luyan and the President of Yunnan Minzu University Madam Na Jinhua, separately hosted the SLCFA delegation. Along with University President Na Jinhua, Director Zhao Yihon, Acting Dean Dr. (Ms.) Yang Hongyan, Director Li Jinze, Deputy Director Ms. Geng Yi and Project Officer Ms. Jie Yu represented the Yunnan Minzu University.

Ananda Goonatilleke, the President of the SLCFA sited the important agreements of the MOU and requested the University administration to help Sri Lankan students by providing scholarships through the SLCFA. Sri Lankan Buddhist Priest Rev. Dharma Kitti who is following University education at Minzu also explained the achievements of Sri Lankan students in Minzu. President Madam Na Jinhua and other administrators of Minzu University warmly welcomed the request of SLCFA President and promised to provide yearly scholarships.

Deputy Secretary General of the YPPAFFC Peng Shaoyun coordinated almost all programmes and the visit of the SLCFA delegation.

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