Today, on the 1st of October, commemorating 74 years of founding of the People’s Republic of China, she also celebrated the longest Red State Power in universe, which is unique to the whole of humanity.

The closest was the Soviet Russia, which lasted 26592 days from 25th January 1918, up to the process of dissolutions, that lasted from the Christmas Eve to the First Day of Christmas in 1991.

The first Red Power State, prior to the Soviet Russia’s existence was in Paris, the historic Paris Commune, which lasted only 71 days in 1871, from March 18th to May 28th, resulting a blood bath of thousands of working class heroes.

That same working class in China, now has become the masters of soil, sky and space, up to the Rabbit in the Moon and the red little planet of Mars!

But that was only in People’s Republic of China, thanks to the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of China led by leaders like Chairman Mao Zedong, leader Deng Ziaoping and President Xi Jinping. The Chinese have defeated the power of exploitation, defeated the capitalism and imperialism, even the time and the space of 74 years, to achieve these blooming blossoms.

Unlike the Western Imperialist powers, the Chinese have not plundered foreign countries, not swallowed resources of other nations, not dominated monetary assets of the emerging economies, in their slow but steady march, to become the first ever country to eradicate the absolute poverty.
What they have done was to follow a path set by Marxist Leninist ideology, relied on their own strength, saved their millions to reinvest them and opened up their doors to the word for trade, transactions and innovations.

Sri Lanka has always stood by China since we recognized it as the 17th Non-Socialist State to hold their much isolated hands, signed Rubber – Rice Pact, established diplomacy, supported One China Policy in almost all world forums, did not left them high and dry even when our own Big Brother crossed their McMahon Line!

We Sri Lankans were together with China, shoulder to shoulder during US invasion of Korean Peninsular exporting our own best bumping rubber, and last but not least but on our own principles as an island nation, we tapped Chinese shoulders, when Xi Jinping announced One Belt One Road Initiative at Indonesia on 2nd October 2013.

All that’s because we need them and they need us, being in the exact center of the SOUTH ASIAN (Indian) OCEAN surrounded by tigers, sharks, Parrippu droppers, US Backed Daggers and emerging Harakirians !
The Sri Lanka – China friendship Association (SLCFA) is confident, that in near future, within the our own special Economic Zone of the SEA OF SRI LANKA, upholding our sovereignty and geopolitical strategic asset, just under the big nose of SOUTH ASIAN SUB CONTINRNT, within the SOUTH ASIAN OCEAN, we of Sri Lanka will march along towards development within the open orbit of One Belt, One Road Initiative with the China and likeminded nations!

Aruna Goonatilleke, Executive Vice President,

Sri Lanka – China Friendship Association. (SLCFA)