Monaragala District is the administrative area that represents the ”WELLASSA”, which was the base of the Anti-Imperial Armed Struggle launched by patriots of Sri Lanka against the British imperialists in 1818 and was devastated by the British after they crushed the rebellion. As this area is still extremely destitute the Sri Lanka – China Friendship Association (SLCFA) decided work in this area to mark the 200 years of the 1818 National Struggle.

On request of Monaragala District Branch of the SLCFA, National Executive Committee of SLCFA donated Computers, Essential Educational Stationary and Accessories to “Niyadalla School” in Maligawilla, Monaragala on 08th February 2021. The SLCFA delegation led by Vice President Thilak Botheju, General Secretary Rathindra Kuruwita and Treasurer Gamini Rajanayaka represented the SLCFA at this occasion.