(August 03, 2022., Colombo, Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka -China Friendship Association (SLCFA) condemn the visit by the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan as a provocative aggressive act against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China and an extremely reckless and dangerous move against the world peace. This treacherous provocation of United States undermines not only the universally accepted 1971 United Nations resolution on China but also maliciously breaks its own commitment upholding the inalienable legality of the Government of China.

The SLCFA strongly support and stands by China’s reactions to this serious intrusion on the sovereignty that obviously prompted a series of countermeasures from China, ranging from military to diplomacy and to economic sanctions.

The whole world knows that so called Taiwan issue is an outcome of the unfinished War of Liberation of China in 1949. Victorious Red Army of China could have continued the onslaught to liberate the Island of Taiwan when the ousted Chiang Kai-shek clique fled to refuge in China’s Taiwan region. Completion of the war of liberation was prevented by the interference of the Harry S. Truman Administration of U.S., to save the unlawful Chiang Kai-shek regime.

From its inception, the PRC has been adamant on safeguarding the national reunification and opposing US provocation. US, its allies and secessionists in Taiwan must realize that the reunification of Chinese motherland is inevitable.

SLCFA believes that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan marks a new phase in the Cross-Straits situation. The US has taken an extremely dangerous step forward, and China will take two steps forward. The SLCFA strongly recognize China’s inalienable sacred right to unify her Taiwan regain with the mainland and supports any and every step the Communist Party of China and the PRC takes to fulfill the final liberation of her territory.

Ananda Goonatilleke, Attorney-at-Law,

President, Sri Lanka – China Friendship Association (SLCFA)

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