Sri Lanka China Friendship Association (SLCFA)  the Pioneer People to People Association to promote friendship between Sri Lanka and China celebrated 66th Anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China on 23rd September 2015 at the Sports Ministry Auditorium . The meeting was presided over by Mr Ananda Goonatillake Attorney -at- Law the President of SLCFA.

Mr Ananda Goonatillake Attorney- at -Law the President of SLCFA welcomed the gathering and stated about the activities of SLCFA has undertaken to strengthen the bi-lateral relations.

Hon Karu Jayasuriya M.P the Speaker delivered the keynote address at the 66th anniversary celebration of founding the People’s Republic of China, and stated that  the rapid and sustainable development of every sector in China can be a guideline for Sri Lanka. Discipline and commitment are the key factors in this significant development, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya further said.

China has achieved tremendous progress in nearly seven decades from founding the People’s Republic of China, he added.

Speaker Jayasuriya said Sri Lanka and China have been close friends for over 2000 years since the beginning of the silk route. Moreover, China has been a good friend to Sri Lanka in good times and bad. According to historic records, not only Venerable Fa-Shien Thero but also Chinese traders had arrived in Sri Lanka.

As a result of the long lasting friendship, the Rubber – Rice Pact was signed between the two countries.

The Speaker added that he personally assisted in introducing rubber cultivation to China on a request made by the Chinese government. “Sri Lanka was requested to assist in cultivating rubber in China by the then Chinese government in 1980. Responding to that request, we sent one million rubber seeds to China for them to commence rubber cultivation even though it had a huge impact on Sri Lankan rubber export to China,” he said.

Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Yi Xianliang said China is ready to assist Sri Lanka as a true friend. Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan MP also spoke about the importance of Sri Lanka China Friendship.

High light of the event was to honor following former leaders of SLCFA.

  1. Late Mr.A.B.Perera, Bar-at-Law, former  President SLCFA, former Principal of Ananda College, former Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to UNO , former Chairman of UN Committee of Law of the Sea, former Sri Lankan Ambassador to China and former Minister of Justice,
  2. Late Mr. Ratne Deshpriya Senanayake former President SLCFA and Deputy Minister and former Ambassador to Indonesia .

3. Mr Savimon Urugodawatte Former General Secretary SLCFA.

4. Mr. Reggie Samaraweera Kularatne, former General Secretary and former Vice President , SLCFA.

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